LSWR 1520



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Paint Specification: PDF Document 942KBLettering PDF 23KB; Fittings photos PDF 405KB


Progress photos on 1520


20/11/09 – fully undercoated – photo Aphoto B

27/11/09 – roof completed (photo); 1st coat salmon buff being applied (photo); 1st of 3 coats salmon complete (photo)

1/12/09 – 1st coat brown applied (photo)

15/12/09- 3 coats of brown and salmon now applied (photo); bolections painted “mahogany” (photo)

29/12/09 – Lining and lettering is in progress: lettering being transferred (photo) and in pencil (photo); size painted on (photo); gilded (photo A, photo B, photo C).

31/12/09 – Set number on sole bar (photo); lettering being shaded (photo); completed (photo A, photo B, photo C).

3/1/10 – Lining and lettering completed; external link to photo of east side on Dave Clarke’s web site.

12/1/10 – Set number at end (photo); west side (photo).

26/1/10 – Final fitting out and touching-up in the dock area (photo).

2/2/10 – The first compartment to have its luggage rack fitted (photo); reproductions of 1910 LSWR photos that were produced in colour using the Photochrom process (photo); the originals were produced by “The Photocrom Company of London and Detroit, U.S.A.” (company details).

9/3/10 – The carriage has had its own drop-lights fitted and is stood over the pit for brake adjustment and safety checks (photo A, photo B, photo C).

26/3/10 – Launch day: posed with LSWR 488, complete with dummy fire (photo, photo, photo); 100 years old this month (photo); the manager of SWT cut the ribbon (photo).


Photos taken of tri-composite brake 6474 by IMW at NRM, July 2008:



overview from brake end

brake end area  

brake end bogie  

brake end



first area

first door

luggage area

side from brake end


third area

third details

third door

third interior

toilet area

toilet interior

toilet window area




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Body of luggage van in LSWR livery

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